Clinic launches QDEL repairing face mask to consumers

 QDEL Bio-cellulose Premium Repair MaskUsually only available to professionals, QDEL has launched its Bio-cellulose Premium Repair Mask to UK consumers for the first time. 

Used in salons and clinics as part of a post-treatment repair for non-surgical aesthetic treatments such as mesotherapy, the mask has been developed by UK dermatologists using bio cellulose fibres originally made to treat burns and chronic wounds. This super-thin material sticks to the epidermis like a second skin, creating a moist texture to the skin and a cooling effect enabling the activation of wound healing.

Commenting on the launch of the QDEL Bio-cellulose Premium Repair Mask to consumers, Dr Umaira Ashraf, Aesthetic Doctor at London's Ai Beauty Clinic, says:

“We had all been using the face masks at home as we felt it gave superior results compared to other skincare products. Whilst our clients have not had the chance to keep up with their routine in the clinic due to the lockdown, they have been asking us for face masks to help them get amazing quality skin during this lockdown, which has caused us all to take control of our health and wellbeing. It occurred to us to offer this to clients as it is an ideal solution to help them maintain their youthful appearance.”

Applied to the skin for 20 minutes, the mask breaks down sun damage and helps in the reduction of excessive pigmentation, reduces red blotches and can help build preventative care for sensitive skin. After just one application, skin feels tighter, smoother and softer.

Dr Umaira adds:

“The bio-cellulose fibres in the QDEL Premium Repair Mask are four times stronger than plant-based cellulose and each fibre can retain up to 100 times its dry weight in water, which is why skin is left moisturised for 24 hours after use. Using this face mask, which we regularly use in-clinic after treatments with our own patients, can help rejuvenate your face as well as play a part in self-care, which is of utmost importance when we are isolated at home.”