Skin health key for supplement users

Over three quarters (79%) of skincare supplement users do so to help keep their skin healthy, rather than look younger or more attractive.

Research by Lycored also shows that 62% of supplement users use the products to feel good about themselves.

Global carotenoid specialists Lycrod explored the growing popularity of supplements for skincare. Speaking to 480 consumers in France and the UK, only 14% said that appearing younger was one of their reasons for using skincare products, and only 18% were motivated by a desire to look attractive.

The research asked consumers which single factor they considered most important to the health of their skin. Diet was first choice, stated as the most important factor by 43% of respondents, followed by avoiding too much sun exposure (22%), living a stress-free life (18%) and exercise (15%).

When it comes to how consumers choose a skincare product, the research found that 64% considered affordability the most important, however 56% of consumers said they were likely to be influenced to buy a skincare product if it was made from natural ingredients. Forty-four per cent stated that a strong preference for ingredients supported by clinical research was influential in their buying choices.

Zev Ziegler, Vice President of Brand & Marketing at Lycored, comments:

“The global skincare market is in the midst of a revolution. There has been a major shift from appearance to health, and from outside to inside. Consumers understand that beauty comes from within and that healthy skin is about what you put into your body. Because of these changing perceptions, the ingestible skincare category is increasingly important.”