Treatment of the Month

Crystal Nails Nail Enhancement with Xtreme Fusion Gel

Crystal Nails have embraced technical developments in gel and acrylic nail enhancement formulations with the launch of Xtreme Fusion Gel.

This new generation, non-heating acrylgel builder has a density which means it can be shaped and sculpted perfectly and filed easily.

Compared to gel and acrylic, Xtreme Fusion Gel allows for faster sculpting, say Crystal Nails.

For application, the product combines the controllability of a gel with the durability of acrylic. Like a gel, Xtreme Fusion Gel is cured under UV light (in four to five minutes) or LED (in one to two minutes). After curing, the finished result creates nails which have the flexibility of gel with the strength of acrylic. Once curing and cleansing are complete, you can continue to shape and buff the nails.

The product comes packaged in a tube, for clean working, enabling you to squeeze out an accurate amount of Xtreme Fusion Gel for each nail without wastage. There is no need for a base gel.

Xtreme Fusion Gel is available three popular French colours: Cover Pink, Clear and Extra White. Xtreme Fusion Gel is available in the UK from Crystal Nails 4 U