Sweet Squared revamp education programme

Professional beauty and hair supplier and educator, Sweet Squared, has launched a new training platform, Academy2.

HABIA Accredited, the launch of Academy2 means that users will be able to access chosen Sweet Squared (S2) course online 24/7 along with free content, masterclasses and webinars. This is in addition to in-classroom hours. 

The new style of S2 education enables learners to work at their own pace and to their own schedule and around other commitments. 

Courses are available to beginners (NEW.2) and those converting from other brands (SWITCHING.2) and advanced learners (Mastering). Topics include CND™ Shellac™, Light Elegance, Light Elegance P+, Light Elegance Zippy (GP/Builder Specialist), LASHUS The Lift, Light Elegance Zippy (Enhancement Specialist), Alter Ego Italy Technofruit, Alter Ego Italy Blonde Ego, and COLOR.ME Start.

Commenting on the launch of Academy2, Sweet Squared Education Manager, Carly Howarth, says: 

“Academy2 has been a long time in the making and we couldn't be more excited to finally reveal what we've been working on. The launch of Academy2 means our HABIA accredited, award-winning education programme is now more accessible to every professional and can slot into their daily lives no matter what their schedule looks like. A mix of online and in-classroom education means that students will walk away feeling confident, having all the skills they need to make their business a success. And of course, at Sweet Squared the learning doesn't stop there! Through this new platform, free masterclasses and webinars will be available to all professionals, so you can really upskill in whichever area you choose.”