Sarah Louisa launches natural skin & hair range

Beauty expert Sarah Louisa is launching her eponymous range of products formulated to clean, nourish, moisturise the skin and hair. 

Products have been created for therapists to retail to clients. “I want to help offer more opportunity to therapists to make extra money [by] advising clients on what to use on their skin, i.e., Scrubs are good to prepare the skin for after waxing, sea salts are good to help with skin conditions as well as good for de-stressing. I also have a new Skin Clean Bikini Collection so therapists can recommend for those who want clear clean looking bikini skin,” says Sarah Louisa (pictured). 

All products in the Sarah Louisa range are vegan and created to promote self-care and sustainability, using natural ingredients and free of parabens, silicones, sulphates and artificial fragrances. 

The Sarah Louisa range comprises cleansers, exfoliators, balms, hair oil, bathing salts and moisturisers. 

The brand has a no plastic packaging policy, with containers reusable for storage and decoration, with eco-friendly gift wrapping.

Sarah Louisa's new product launch comes following the success of the IngrownOut® all-in-one tweezer introduced earlier this year, along with the ABT-accredited Ingrown Out®️ Online Course. The company also offers training in The Perfect Bikini®️ hair removal technique.