New tier to ABT Accreditation for training providers

ABT has introduced a new tier to its beauty and hair course accreditation system, enabling training providers to gain accreditation for up to three courses for just £175. Previously, the minimum number of courses that educators could apply for accreditation for was ten.

As with the existing ABT Accreditation process, additional courses can still be accredited in the future for a fee of £40 per course.

In order for a training provider and their courses to be accredited by a professional body or association, the course and the provider must pass strict criteria. It is important to remember that ABT accreditation is not a national framework or a recognised qualification; each body will have their own criteria.

The main criteria that ABT consider when accrediting courses includes:

  • Is the company delivering an insurable course?
  • Is the content suitable and do the course hours meet the industry standard?
  • Is the trainer insured?
  • Is the training delivered by a teacher qualified to Pttls or AET standard?
To be accredited by ABT, the answer to all these questions at time of application must be ‘yes'.

Providers can apply for accreditation  for as many courses as they wish, priced as follow:

  • Up to 3 courses: £175
  • Up to 10 courses: £250
  • Up to 15 courses: £400
  • Up to 20 courses: £500
  • Over 20 courses: £600
ABT Accredited Training Providers are also eligible to offer ABT membership and insurance packages to students with a 10% discount and can take advantage of free online promotional support.

Find out more about ABT Accreditation and apply online.