Treatment of the Month

LCN Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel Nail Enhancements

Nail brand LCN have launched Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel, a new nail enhancement system that combines the advantages of acrylic and gel systems into one, innovative easy to use product.

Available in five colours, LCN Fusion Poly-Acryl Gel is cured under LED light and produces no odour associated with traditional nail enhancement systems.

The Poly-Acryl Gel is placed within a Dual Form tip mould which is then applied to the nail before curing. The tip mould is then removed, leaving the solid tip attached to the nail. The tip is then buffed and filed, and sealed before a final cure.

Fusion Poly-Acryl enhancements are stronger than gel and more flexible than acrylic.

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