Hydrafacial collaborates to launch retinol booster

Hydrafacial® has launched Phyto-Retinol Firming Booster designed to treat clients experiencing lacklustre, ageing or sun damaged skin with uneven tone or texture. 

Formulated in collaboration with Dermatologist, Dr Dennis Gross, the booster can be integrated into Hydrafacial's three-step cleanse, extract and hydrate treatment protocol and into the brand's Hydrabody treatment. 

It is delivered via the Hydrafacial® handpiece using patented vortex fusion technology, penetrating deep into the skin for a unique micro-peeling action that does not irritate the skin barrier.

As a result, the skin looks hydrated, bright and clearer with a smoother, firmer feel.
Key ingredient Retinol increases cell turnover in the epidermis to boost natural collagen production. In addition, Rambutan Leaf Extract, a Retinol alternative sourced from Rambutan tree leaves, enhances collagen production while suppressing collagen degrading enzymes triggered by an overwhelmed system.

Bakuchiol, derived from the Babchi plant, assists with skin hydration and boosts the barrier function to keep water from escaping, and antioxidant Ferulic Acid counteracts the irritating effects of Retinol.