Hair Trends: The Big Bang Theory

Jonathan Andrew looks at a quick way to update a style with minimal commitment – the fringe!

Fringes are having their moment again. Through the 90's and 00's we embraced baby bangs, big, blunt fringes and side sweeping phenomenon – and now we're seeing a modern-day revival of fringes favouring chic over grunge with a maximalist impact.

Here are three of my fave fringe styles to experiment with this year…

#1. Wispy Bangs aka Baby Bangs

Baby bangs are a kind of try before you buy, so a mini version of fuller curtain bangs – but don't be fooled by the ‘baby' misnomer as they still have a big impact, help frame your face and scream coolness.

These can be chic, softer, ultra flattering and your full eyebrows would still be visible through the wisps of hair. 

If clients want a lighter, ‘try before you buy' fringe, this is the one. If you're loving it, you can add more thickness to it at your next salon visit – think Lily Collins in Emily in Paris as your bang baseline muse.

Using a texture spray such as Fudge Professional Salt Spray will add grit and texture to a wispy fringe.

#2. Curtain Bangs

Curtain bangs are a great starter option, they can be cut and land to a part of the face your client wants to accentuate; chiseled cheekbones, we've got you covered!

Curtain bangs are usually thicker and can skim the eyes or fall lower with the eyes peeking through (think actual sweeping curtains). If clients change their mind, [curtain bangs] can muddle in with layers and can grow out quickly. 

People who wear this full bang with aplomb, in my humble opinion, are celebs such Lily Allen, Billie Eilish, Selena Gomez, and of course, not forgetting Claudia and her mega-watt shine (whose fringe is now a talking point of its own thanks to the popularity of BBC Traitors). If you're thinking about going full curtain bangs these are all great muses for this fringe variety. 

Choose products that deliver super shine, such as Fudge Professional Aqua Shine Serum for that enviable glossy fringe.

#3. Side Sweep Bangs 

With a gentle nod to the 00's (Shaznay Lewis and Melanie Blatt from All Saints, we're looking at you) side-sweeping fringes have now been given a revival to ‘maximalist' levels. 

Side-sweep maximalist fringes are a great starter point to add dimension to a somewhat average style. Image: Hair by Jonathan Andrew,
You've got the ‘big boss ‘don't mess with me' bangs from Griselda (a female drug baron series on Netflix with Sofia Vergara) to the Mob Wife aesthetic, we'll all be gearing towards this year in hair and make-up. It's alluring, magnetising and in your face.

Side-sweep maximalist fringes have been seen on celebs recently from Emily Ratajkowski to Dua Lipa, and this is a great starter point to add dimension to a somewhat average style and give an instant allure. It's also a clever way to grow out a former full fringe by flicking most of the volume onto one side.

Just add barrettes, clips or hairspray to keep it in place and give it drama – wear your fringe uniquely and offset with lots of sequins/gold lame and a spot of leopard print! For a stay-put side fringe try Fudge Professional Skyscraper Hairspray for long-lasting grip.

Jonathan Andrew is an award winning hairstylist and groomer, and Global Ambassador for Fudge Professional.