Expert Advice: What’s influencing this year’s big brow looks?

Noella Geoghegan considers the evolution of brow trends, and which styles will be big for summer ’21.

Noella Geoghegan For Spring/Summer brow trends, I definitely think a full and fluffy brow is going to be around for a long time.

Lamination hit in 2019 and it's popular as ever, giving clients' brows a long lasting fluffed up look. Brushed up brows with a soft arch is really popular, and also really achievable, especially after the regrowth everyone has achieved during lockdown. 

Even though clients are delighted to be able to get treatments again, I think a low maintenance look is going to be what most people will want and those who love a defined look will move more towards a natural take. 

However, I always think it's really important to remember that no matter what is popular or on trend, working with the brow that they have and enhancing its natural shape to complement their features is what will suit your client best. 

For clients wanting to achieve the brow trend they desire, communication with the Eyebrow Specialist is key in order to get the look they want. I always carry out a full consultation and ask my first-time clients lots of questions such as:

  • Do they wear much make-up day to day? 
  • Are they used to wearing their brows filled in? 
  • How soft and subtle or strong do they like to wear them? 
  • Do they like them trimmed tightly, barely, or not at all?
Knowing the answers to these questions and discussing them with client will give you a great indication of what you are hoping to achieve. For clients that find it hard to put into words what they're looking for, having a visual reference can be really helpful. Lots of Brow Artists post their work to their social media accounts now so clients can look through work and pick out what looks they like. 

I find looking back at brow trends over the decade and seeing how they have evolved is so interesting. I feel like the transition from the 1920's through the 80's is almost repeated from the 90's to present day. Starting with a comparison of pencil thin ‘skinny brows' in the 1920's and 90's from Clara Bow and Gwen Stefani are prime examples of this style. 

As time went on, brows filled out and a soft angled high arch became super popular, with Elizabeth Taylor in the 1940's and 50's and Beyonce in the 00's illustrating this really well. Which brings us then to 80's with Brooke Shields and present-day brow queen Cara Delevingne. These are but a few of the many comparisons that can be made over the years.
Icons, actresses and celebs are always going to influence what the public wears. But I also think there is natural cycle to trends being reborn. Although I hope we have learned our lesson and skinny brows don't make a revival. Not many could pull off Rhianna's 2018 cover for Vogue

Noella Geoghegan has been an Eyebrow Specialist for almost eight years and is now a RefectoCil Brow Expert and Owner of Brows by Noella in Dublin.