Expert Advice: The lowdown on the hottest fringes for Summer 2022

Hair expert Saivo Ierna shares his thoughts on the the biggest bangs for spring/summer ’22 hair styles.

Curtain Bangs
The style of the season, no doubt about it. Drawing inspiration from the 1970s, curtain bangs are much longer than a regular fringe, falling down to underneath the eye, and parted down the middle.

It's a great style for those looking to grow out a fringe or for others wanting to revitalise their look but without having to commit to a full fringe. Some of our favourite cues come from the likes of Dakota Johnson, Camila Cabello and Priyanka Chopra.

The best bit? The style suits everyone.

The Wolf
The wolf haircut is one of the most requested of 2022, and is a mix of the shag haircut and a mullet, generally created on longer hair. It has shorter choppy layers on the top and longer choppy layers around the sides and back.

A soft wolf cut with a fringe is a great option if your hair is fine but you want volume and texture.

The wolf haircut is very easy to manage and upkeep, just mix some mouse and heat protectant, put it on towel dry hair, and rough-dry.

The Half Panel
Not for the faint of heart, this style packs a big punch. The fringe itself sits above the eyebrows, and is cut bluntly to create a sharp and definite line.

For those feeling brave, it can even dip forward between the brows. The hair is then halved and coloured differently each side.

The fun of this style is that anything goes. Brights, bolds, pastels, muted tones. For SS22 I love the juxtaposition of brown and pink, and blonde on copper.

Wispy Bangs
The perfect entry bang for novices. Wispy bangs are light and airy, and take minimal upkeep. They add beautiful softness and movement to all lengths. I recommend cutting wispy bangs to eyebrow height initially, and letting the client grow them out naturally, which results in a super cool, Parisian feel.

When it comes to the perfect wispy bang, you should be able to peep through it, and it should be able to be swept to the side, forwards, or swept back. A true versatile fringe.

Micro Bangs
Micro bangs are super-short bangs that barely reach an inch or two down your forehead—and they're seriously stylish. Those with a long or oval face shape will particularly suit this one.

A micro fringe is also perfect if you have big eyes and small features, and can also highlight your cheekbones and bring attention to your mouth.

Zoe Kravitz and FKA Twigs are queens of this cut, and think back to the Gwen Stefani of the 90's for inspiration.

Bottleneck Bangs
A bottleneck fringe is in-between a full fringe and grown out fringe. It has longer sides, giving a more 'lived-in' look. They are shorter in the middle and steeply angle down around framing the face and curving around to sit around the cheekbones. It is so popular as it is a more flattering style for most face shapes making it a really on-trend and wearable option over heavy or blunt bangs.

When blow-drying them give it a slight curve by using a round brush or keep them sleek with mini straighteners.

Regular trims are also key to keeping the shape, however, because this has a little bit of a 'grown out' look it doesn't need the upkeep of shorter bang.

Saivo Ierna is stylist at The Bohemians Salon, Deptford, London.

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