Escape Reality Training celebrates international success

Congratulations to students of Escape Reality Training Academy, an ABT Accredited Training School, who have achieved success at the International Massage Championships, held recently in Novi Sad, Serbia.

The event hosted 140 competitors, with representatives of Escape Reality Training taking a total of six gold, four silver and two bronze medals along with two commendations for High Performance, including: 

Simona Negrila - 3 Gold & 1 Bronze 

Roxana Mihai - 2 Gold & 1 Silver 

Gloria Drecin - 1 Silver 

Rita Sainalic - 1 Silver 

Elena Nica - High Performance

Marius Nicolai - High Performance

Silviu Petru Bratu - 1 Silver 

Mihai Topal  - 1 Gold & 1 Bronze

Celebrating her students' success, Simona Radu Morgan, Founder of Escape Reality Training Academy, told us: 

“My nickname is ‘Trainer of the Champions' as I trained several gold, silver and bronze medallists but also makes me smile because I know the hard work and long training days it took to reach those performances.

“I was not born to just teach, I was born to inspire others, to change people's life and to never give up even when faced with challenges that seem impossible.

“Today is a proud teacher moment for me again. I am so proud of my students and my heart fills with joy when I see them achieving their goals.

“Escape Reality Training Academy it is a multiple award winning academy getting more and more international recognition.”

Escape Reality Training Academy