Australian Bodycare reveals new products & branding

Australian Bodycare

Australian Bodycare has unveiled a contemporary new brand design along with new product innovations.

As a market-leading salon professional brand, Australian Bodycare has advanced beauty and skincare innovation since 1992. By harnessing and infusing the therapeutic, healing and restorative powers of pure Australian Tea Tree Oil Tea into a highly effective cosmetics range, the brand has earned a formidable reputation and built a fiercely loyal customer base. 

In the most radical and innovative step since its inception, the brand has unveiled a dynamic rebrand with new formulations complementing established heroes that will extend its appeal both in the salon, and as a retail line for home use.

The Healing Grounds - the source of pure beauty  

With a bold, distinctive and contemporary packaging design that reflects its market positioning and price point, the reinvention of Australian Bodycare is built upon robust foundations. The special Tea Tree Oil at the heart of every formulation is sustainably harvested from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree. Native to a very specific and limited region of low-lying swampy rainforest in the northeast of New South Wales, its therapeutic powers can be traced back over a thousand years to Aboriginal civilisations who revered its natural antiseptic properties and healing effect on all kinds of skin issues. As leaves fell into the lakes creating an ‘antiseptic bath', the magical effect of these tree oils led to its source becoming known as The Healing Grounds. Today, in the modern beauty industry, its therapeutic powers have never been more vital or more relevant.

Explaining the advantages of Tea Tree Oil in beauty products, Australian Bodycare UK director Fiona Peerless, says:

“The universal benefits of Tea Tree Oil to skin and skin health, and its ability to instinctively detect and resolve common skin issues from acne to blemishes and spots, and dandruff to fungal issues on the feet, is why this oil is intrinsic to every product.

“It's almost as if it understands the natural balance of skin, identifies any imbalance and acts to restore the natural order of things. And when things are as they should be, it simply acts to preserve its health and wellbeing. This is why our range is used in professional treatments, waxing and other protocols where a soothing, healing effect is required.” 
With the Coronavirus pandemic highlighting the need to focus even more on hygiene, the timing of Australian Bodycare's restyling couldn't be more perfect. Not only can salons and spas introduce the range into more treatments, the at-home collection presents a vital retail opportunity at a time when salon incomes are under pressure. 

Fiona Peerless adds: 

“We have modernised our brand and brought it up-to-date with a vibrant, modern and eye-catching design. We've introduced new categories and extended existing ones such as a foot care, intimate care and hair care ranges. We've also added a bespoke men's collection and new manicure and pedicure treatment protocols for professionals. The combination of a wider range with broader applications and greater shelf appeal will accelerate our growth in the professional market. 

“We have also achieved success as a consumer-facing brand and our professional-first approach will ensure more salon clients use Australian Bodycare as part of their whole family's beauty and hygiene regime at home.”  

Crafted by nature - perfected by science

With Tea Tree Oil at the heart of every product, the most advanced skincare ingredients and state-of-the-art formulations have yielded a range of highly effective, targeted solutions from head to toe. From hair care to face and body care, intimate care to foot and nail care, this new collection presents the most comprehensive range the brand has ever brought to the professional market. Combined with a researched-based approach, Australian Bodycare is looking to create a new brand experience by elevating its products to new levels of luxury and performance. 

“Tea Tree Oil is effective on an eclectic range of skin issues, regardless of their severity or cause, and this is why our brand has found a natural home in a professional salon setting,” says Fiona. “This is also why we developed the innovative Hy-Wax waxing system. The Australian Bodycare line demanded a system that eliminated cross-contamination, double-dipping and the need for spatulas in waxing treatments to complement the hygiene benefits of Tea Tree Oil in pre, during and post-waxing protocols. Hy-Wax is now recognised as one of the most hygienic waxing systems in the UK beauty industry."

Building on over a quarter of a century of heritage, Australian Bodycare presents salons, spas and beauty businesses with a professional range that creates an even stronger foundation for the brand's future success. And with the imminent introduction of new beauty treatment protocols and the Hy-Wax waxing system, the company will introduce its new training regime as the industry emerges from Coronavirus. 

“The new launch is bringing new excitement and impetus to the market and, as it's anchored in hygiene, its relevance is perfect for the times we're living through as salon businesses,” Fiona concludes.   

Discover the new Australian Bodycare collection and open a trade account online, by email or call 01892 750 850.

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