5 tips for healthy party-season hair

We're heading towards the most hectic party month of the year, so it's time to think about statement hair that will not only see you through daytime to office party but will also keep locks in good shape for New Year's Eve.

The hair experts at Viviscal have come up with five essential tips for creating and maintaining gorgeous hair over the next four weeks:

No.1 Brave up and get a killer cut:

Forget the couple-of-inches trim, this is the time of the year to go for a killer cut. Choose a statement style that will transform the way you think, dress and even do your make-up.

If you're certain you want to keep your usual style, get at least one inch trimmed off to remove all split and discoloured ends.

No. 2 Gorgeous party-ready hair starts from within:

The secret to healthy hair really does starts from within. Whether or not you are blessed with great hair, making sure it looks its very best also means taking care of yourself. Usually we're all so busy in the party season, that healthy eating and early nights aren't much of a priority, and our hair is usually the first thing to suffer when the body isn't getting enough nutrients. Taking a supplement, such as Viviscal, is an easy way to keep up levels of essential nutrients that are the building blocks for healthy hair.

ViviscalNo. 3 Take stock of your hair regime:

Sometimes, when you've used the same products for a long time it doesn't work as well for your hair anymore. Take a good look at the products you use on a frequent basis for your hair. From shampoo to hair treatments to hair styling products, invest in some new hair products that will help with care, styling and adding volume.

No. 4 Brush up on the art of volume:

Volume is essential for standout party hair. Creating volume starts at the hair root, and it really does matter what you wash and condition with. Choose a shampoo and conditioner that densify hair, making it look and feel thicker, as well as reduce hair fall, and that cleanses hair without being too harsh whilst still washing away product build up that can be a major culprit of weighing hair down.

No. 5 Give your hair some added TLC:

Now you've got your new regimen going, add one new step for party season prep such as an intensive conditioning mask, if your hair is really dry or damaged, or a leave in serum which will boost body and create thicker, fuller hair. Take care when styling your hair with straighteners and curling wands; if they're used at full temperature the heat can break down the protective outer cuticle of the hair, which is what gives our hair that healthy and glossy shine.