Five trends influence future of healthy hair

A new report has identified five trends predicted to influence the future of healthy hair.

Compiled by Viviscal, insights have been drawn from some of the world's most influential hair experts to produce The Future of Healthy Hair Report. Contributors included Trichologist Steven Goldsworthy, Dermatologist Dr. Justine Hextall, Stylist Neil Moodie, Colourist Samantha Cusick, industry expert Anna-Marie Solowij, hair transplant surgeon Dr Greg Williams, and future trends expert Victoria Buchanan.

Trend 1 - Inside out, naturally: Hair health is increasingly being seen as an outward sign of inner wellness which is part and parcel of the modern definition of total beauty. ‘Lifestyle, diet and supplements look set to dominate the conversation.'

Trend 2 - The social media effect: Moving to a much more transparent beauty culture, where women are no longer inhibited about openly sharing discussions about thinning hair and hair loss online. Social media has also created ‘an Instagram standard of perfection.'

Trend 3 - Longer for longer: Boomer women are increasingly unwilling to accept that hair issues need to be part of the ageing process. Instead, they will explore new ways to keep it healthy and enjoy it for longer. ‘Women are wearing hair longer for longer. They're informed about skincare and want to do the same for their hair.'

Trend 4 - Conscious consumerism: With so much information available to consumers, from product reviews and testimonials to ingredients and scientific research, consumers are really doing their homework before purchasing products. ‘Women adopting a more analytical approach when it comes to choosing products.'

Trend 5 – Male perspectives: A more enlightened cultural environment will see men increasingly joining the conversation about their hair issues and hair loss. ‘There is an increasing acceptance of the emotional impact of hair loss. Men are extremely susceptible to anxiety about their hair.'

The report concludes that a growing population of older women are experimenting with style and visiting salons more frequently than their younger counterparts, caring about their hair and being willing to invest in its care so they can wear it for longer. In addition, shared online experiences have helped dissolve the taboos surrounding hair loss and thinning.