Thalgo look to the wonder of the Arctic

Thalgo Merveille Arctique

French marine skincare specialists Thalgo have introduced Wonder Arctic (Merveille Arctique), an exclusive body massage and accompanying collection of body care products which create a powerful and sensory new spa ritual where warmth meets cold.

The Merveille Arctique body treatment is inspired by Swedish Massage and Deep Tissue Massage techniques, delivering intense manoeuvres, warm kneading and stretching combined with Relaxing Ice Bubbles creating a heat exchange on the skin's surface. The treatment results in intense relaxation, release of muscle tension, and an overall feeling of harmony.

Thalgo Merveille Arctique
The accompanying homecare collection includes Arctic Shower Foam and Milky Moisturising Gel.

Combining cryo-extract of Boreal Algae and starch sugars, Merveille Arctique Arctic Shower Foam is white as snow and delivers a sensory shower experience. Protecting the skin's barrier function, the foam thoroughly cleanses skin whilst purifying and soothing.

Remove dead skin cells and debris on the body with the collection's Salt Flake Scrub, featuring three exfoliating salts combined with cryo-extract of Boreal Algae. Rich in relaxing Magnesium, this scrub leaves skin soft and velvety, and ready for an application of Merveille Arctique Milky Moisturising Gel. This body gel combines rich cryo-extra of Boreal Algae with nourishing and soothing Icelandic Lichen Oleate. Its hydrating formulation forms a moisturising film on the skin, whilst its stimulating texture and marine active ingredients relax, soothe and enhance the body.

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