Illuminating a tailored tan with Vitage

Whether you and your clients are looking for a pre- or post-holiday tan boost, Vitage® Illuminating Tanning Drops offer a tailor-made approach to tanning.

Apply 1-2 drops of these highly concentrated, gradual, self-tanning drops to daily moisturisers and lotions to create a flawless all over natural-looking glow.

Suitable for all skin types and fuelled by antioxidants and natural ingredients, Vitage Illuminating Tanning Drops tan and care for skin. Vitamin E neutralises free radicals, while citric acid balances, brightens and smooths the skin’s texture by opening pores and removing dead skin cells. For a longer-lasting, streak-free tan, Erythrulose is combined with self-tanning and skin colouring agent DHA. This helps create a deeper, more even and natural looking tan without exposure to the sun's harmful rays.

For a flawless, glowing complexion with no streaks, clogged pores or dryness, and with skin boosting and smoothing properties, Vitage Illuminating Tanning Drops work effortlessly together with any skin care regime to achieve a healthy all year round glow.