Bespoke skincare based on genetic analysis

PURE Genetic Lifestyle PURE DNA BeautyPure Genetic Lifestyle have introduced a programme offering 100% tailor-made skincare based on your DNA.

They supply a range of bespoke skincare products (supplements and creams) created specifically for clients' individual needs based on analyse of 29 genes. Products are created bespoke for each clients based on the results of the genetic analysis.

Human genes should protect you from the process of accelerated ageing; however frequently genetic errors – called gene variants – interfere with gene function, which can lead to an acceleration in one or more factors of ageing. Science has currently identified over 30 genetic variations that influence more than 80 different factors of ageing skin. This explains why some individuals age faster than others.

The Pure Genetic Lifestyle Beauty Analysis analyses the status of these protective genes and provides identification of the personal genetic strengths and weaknesses.

"We analyse all the relevant genes, interpret them and additionally provide preventive measures for each risk, helping you to potentially prevent a condition or to change your lifestyle," comments Mandy Smith of Pure Genetic Lifestyle. "All analysed genes are scientifically proven and evidence based, double checked through other scientific studies and offers the highest quality and accuracy rate."

The following key factors of skin ageing are examined based on your genetic profile:

  • PURE Genetic LifestyleCollagen breakdown
  • Collagen production
  • UV protection of the skin (pictured)
  • Skin hydration
  • Oxidative stress
  • The effect of Q10
  • Your selenium requirement
  • Inflammatory reactions
  • Your biological age
  • The solution

Based on your unique result, a personalised beauty programme can be generated featuring the substances your skin requires and at what dosage level. Products are recommended as part of the Pure DNA Beauty range of day and night serums and lotions, whilst Pure DNA Complete supplements offer 100% personalised dietary supplementation from the inside.

The Beauty Analysis, Pure DNA Beauty and Pure DNA Complete, have been added to Pure Genetic Lifestyle's existing individual analysis products including a Health & Nutrition Analysis, Weight Analysis, and Sport Analysis amongst others.

The Beauty Analysis and products are available online via and through authorised partners.