Relief from daily skin stresses

Olway De-Stress Tonic PotionWe all need a little relief from life’s daily stresses, so Oway have launched De-Stress Tonic potion, a powerful anti-stress skin toner that forms part of Oway Beauty, a line of 12 skincare and bodycare products.

Used morning and evening, this energising lotion removes dead skin cells and gives energy to the skin. With soothing, anti-fatigue action and hydrating ingredients, it leaves skin softer, lighter and smoother and the complexion brighter.

Key ingredients include Alpine Skullcap, a pure active ingredient which increases the production of beta-endorphins, which cause feelings of happiness. It also stimulates the productions of lipids within the skin, leaving skin moisturised and softened. Organic Echinacea protects skin from environmental stressors while boosting levels of hydration, whilst Biodynamic Walnut is in oil to boost skin’s moisture levels.