Marine nutricosmetics for hair, skin & nails

Irish health and beauty company Martin Biotech has launched a luxury range of marine nutricosmetics scientifically developed to offer a comprehensive and holistic approach to maintaining skin, bone health, hair and nails while combating the effects of ageing from the inside.

The Amphis range helps to beautify and fight the effects of ageing using nutrient-rich natural ingredients from the ocean. The premium nutraceutical range includes Amphis Cosmetic Cleansing Tisane, Amphis Skin Nutrients and Amphis Hair and Nail Nutrients, delivering a three-step regime.

Amphis Cosmetic Cleansing Tisane is a specialist blend of organic herbal green tea which should be drunk once a day. Mate Green tea is a renowned antioxidant, and is combined with Amphis Sea Algae Complex™, Rooibos, detoxifying herbs including Dandelion, Fennell and Guarana to make a refreshing tea that supports cleansing of the body and skin from within and helps towards creating a base for the Amphis supplements to work.

Amphis Skin Nutrients capsules have been formulated to provide skin cells with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and hydrating sea-sourced ingredients including Amphis Age-delaying Sea Kelp Amino Complex™, Hyaluronic Acid, Alpha Lipoic Acid, Vitamins E and C, and Co Enzyme Q10.

Amphis Hair and Nail Nutrients, taken as one oral liquid sachet per day, is the first nutritional keratin boosting liquid that contains a unique formula of Amphis Keratin Sea Mineral Complex™ which accelerates the growth of strong hair and nails.

Roz Martin, Martin Biotech founder and CEO Roz Martin, explains:

“Amphis works from the inside-out, just like a healthy diet or the body's reaction to exercise and fitness. Our approach with Amphis is based on using the power of natural-based compounds to tackle the effects of ageing. We are using nature to deal with a natural process. Our tisane helps to naturally cleanse the skin to provide a clean base from which to work on. While our supplements are created using the natural compounds and protein stimulators to amplify an existing physiological or biological process - delaying premature ageing and assisting keratin-producing cells.”

The Amphis entire range is free of sugar, parabens and shellfish, and is not tested on animals, is certified for Halal and Kosher consumers, and the tisane is certified 100% organic.

Amphis is available online from