Lash Perfect unveils new adhesive packaging

Lash Perfect Adhesives

New packaging has been introduced by The Eyelash Design Company for its surgical grade Lash Perfect lash adhesives.

The adhesives, along with the Lash Perfect lash remover, now come in stylish and protective black tubes with colour coded labels: Russian – Teal, Odour free – Purple, Ultimate I – Blue, Ultimate II – Black, and Remover – White.

Tubes now look smart when on display on salon trollies, and are also suitable for mobile therapists to transport.

The new packaging design also adds an additional protective element to ensure long-lasting results, and allows lash technicians to store their adhesives in line with professional recommendations.

Lash Perfect's range of adhesives enable technicians to choose the most appropriate product for use on each client's lash look, creating strong, durable and flexible bonds between the eyelash extension and natural lash. Each adhesive has a different drying time, with the Ultimate Russian Adhesive for fast-working technicians drying in just one to two seconds, whilst the Ultimate Odour Free Adhesive dries in eight to ten seconds, working well for those technicians who need a little more time to position lashes correctly.

Lash Perfect's range of eyelash enhancements and adhesives is available in the UK from The Eyelash Design Company.