Infuse pigment back into fading hair colour

Infuse My. Colour Wash Tired of your hair colours fading between salon appointments? Created to tackle this specific problem Infuse My. Colour Wash is a colour-infusing shampoo which delivers colour refreshment with an instant effect.

Developed by hair and colour experts Rob Forgione and Denis Kovalyov alongside bio chemists, Infuse My. Colour Wash is vegan, silicone- paraben- and sulphate-free, and features a technological Bio Polymer that delivers vegan pigment along with superb conditioning. It is suitable for refreshing dull darker colour tones and lack lustre pastel on blondes, as well as enabling colour tone without commitment.

“I always encourage my friends and customers to play with the colour of their hair, their style, to reflect how they feel and to make them happier and more confident. By working on their looks, you can see how their entire lives improve," explains co-creator Denis Kovalyov.

He adds: "We to create a shampoo which would colour hair instantly and make it feel incredible. We want to communicate a message that you can have luminous hair colour all the time not just after salon visit, you can be different if you want without committing to a chemical service by just washing your hair!"

The Infuse My. Colour Wash range is available in the following shades:

Infuse My. Colour Wash CopperCopper

Maintains the brightness of deep strawberry blonde, copper, auburn and warm brown hair, and adds warm tones to bleached hair for a peachy effect.


Infuse My. Colour Wash GoldGold

Maintains the brightness of pale gold, medium and dark blonde; also illuminates washed-out honey blondes and adds shine and gloss to warm colours.


Infuse My. Colour Wash Ruby


Maintain the brightness of red, red brown and burgundy hair, and use on bleached blonde to create striking pinks.


Infuse My. Colour Wash CobaltCobalt

Maintain depth of colour to light and medium to dark brown hair, and add warmth to subdued ash blonde. Cobalt can also be used to maintain coolness in hair, and when applied to bleached blonde hair creates a minty green denim.


Infuse My. Colour Wash Platinum


Platinum neutralises yellow/gold in bleached hair, and maintains the brightness of grey and white hair. It delivers icy blonde effects, and cool tones on highlights.


Apply a generous amount of Infuse My. Colour Wash shampoo through the hair to ensure even distribution. If more tone is required, rinse and repeat the application, and follow with a conditioner of choice.