Paraffin wax heat therapy boosts wellbeing

You may be aware of Paraffin Wax treatments as a step within luxury manicures and pedicures, but did you know that the treatment offers additional benefits to moisturising the skin, nails and cuticles, with the heat helping to soothe chronic joint pain and relax stiff muscles, as well as improving blood flow to the treated area.

Applying heat to an area where a client is experiencing muscle or joint pain dilutes the blood vessels increasing oxygen flow which can help towards healing damaged tissues.

“Paraffin Wax treatments provide a superb method of softening and nourishing the skin by locking in moisture, conditioning the skin, nails and cuticles,” explains David Sneddon of Hive of Beauty Ltd. “However, Paraffin Wax is not just for use on the hands and feet, it also has an equally beneficial use to your clients and your business, as a therapeutic heat therapy!”

Ultimately this means that therapists can apply Paraffin Wax to any area of the body where clients are experiencing muscle discomfort or joint pain.

With this in mind, HIVE® have developed a collection of low melt Paraffin Wax formulas that provide therapists with the opportunity to increase profit by creating luxury manicure and pedicure treatments, or generate an entirely new revenue stream by educating and offering clients the therapeutic benefits of a Paraffin Wax treatment.

Hive Paraffin Wax The paraben-free range of economical pellets, in resealable packaging, is available in uplifting Peach; Fragrance Free, suitable for all facial and body treatments and ideal for use on sensitive skin; and Tea Tree & Peppermint, which combines the cooling and soothing qualities of its ingredients whilst providing a stimulating and refreshing aroma.