New foaming cleanser cares for lashes

Created to cleanse lash extensions, but working equally well on natural lashes, Lash FX Foaming Lash Cleanser quickly and effectively removes eye make-up without causing damage.

The cleanser has a gentle, oil-free formulation that works quickly and effectively with a foaming action that lifts eye make-up easily. This means that to use you simply decant the product onto your fingertips and apply to lashes. Once the product is applied, gently brush through the lashes using the Lash FX lash brush for immediate make-up removal.

As well as a make-up remover, it acts as a caring product for use between salon appointments to keep Lash FX lash enhancements looking fabulous for as long as possible.

Natalie Piper, Business Development Manager at The Eyelash Design Company, says:

“Many people are afraid to clean their eyelash extensions – but it is so important to do so! This gentle cleanser is easy to use and effectively removes eye makeup and cleanses the eye all without damaging extensions! Now taking care of your eyelash extensions is even easier! What's even better is that this cleanser works excellently on natural lashes too!”

Lash FX Foaming Lash Cleanser is available in the UK from Lash FX.