Building confidence with natural skincare

A new natural beauty range is on a mission to help women feel confident in the skin they're in. Launched earlier this year, Flux Botanicals was founded to help women find plant-based products that promote a happy, healthy balance for skin.

Their range now includes two multi-purpose and targeted treatments suitable for all women's skin. The range focuses on getting women to a happy, healthy balance and consists of a 3-in-1 oil and 3-in-1 exfoliating grains, with plans to expand the range next year. The two products work effectively on their own or can be combined as a make-up remover, cleanser, toner, exfoliator, mask and facial treatment.

Laura Stackhouse, Flux Botanicals founder
Laura Stackhouse, Flux Botanicals founder

Laura Stackhouse, Flux Botanicals founder, explains what led her to develop the range:

“I used to use up to 10 products a day because I thought it would make my skin better and then I'd feel better about myself. Each product I used was marketed to a different skin type, because back then I could go from oily to Sahara desert dry in a matter days and I just never knew how my skin would react.”

After taking a course in natural skincare formulation, Laura came across the many benefits of plant oils and botanical extracts, and the effect simple ingredients can have on skin.

Alongside its natural skincare products, the brand also focuses on empowering women to be more confident in the skin they're in through Flux Botanicals' social media accounts, marketing, and blog, with the aim of being a more positive influence on consumers. In line with this mission, Flux Botanicals gives 2% of every sale to non-profits/charities empowering women and girls around the world.