Butterfly journey inspires ESPA's new massage

Refresh your massage services, as well as your clients, with ESPA's new Strength & Resilience Massage treatment, designed to revive tired muscles and bring a renewed sense of wellbeing and clarity to mind and body.

Launching in February, the treatment incorporates pure aromatherapeutic formulas of Eucalyptus and Tea Tree within ESPA's new Muscle Rescue Balm, used to soothe muscular aches and pains while the body is ‘cocooned' in warm towels to aid relaxation.

The new balm can also be used as the ideal pre- and post-workout pick-me-up to soothe tired muscles. It also features intensely cooling Peppermint along with Clove Bud and West Indian Bay Oils and as an instant revitaliser. Fitness Shower Oil has also been introduced alongside the balm, to cleanse and revitalise post-workout – perfect for keeping in the gym bag.

ESPA Muscle Rescue Balm & ESPA Fitness Shower Oil
ESPA's Muscle Rescue Balm soothes muscular aches and pains whilst Fitness Shower Oil cleanses and revitalises.

The Strength & Resilience Massage takes inspiration from the butterfly, emerging from her cocoon and stretching into her new wings. The body is awakened with advanced techniques such as Yogic stretches, while a reflex zone foot massage stimulates major organs such as the diaphragm, colon, lungs and sinuses, which have a direct link to the body's resilience.

The treatment transforms from gentle strokes to swift movements to signify the butterfly taking flight, using rapid pressure during a deeply invigorating back massage. Sinus release and scalp massage complete the journey helping to boost energy levels, support the immune system, and bring a sense of balance so clients emerge ready to face life's unexpected journeys.