Coty reveal first AR make-up try-on experience

Global beauty brand Coty has revealed the first virtual reality make-up try on activated by consumer-interaction.

The Magic Mirror has launched at Bourjois's boutique in Paris, and integrates physical products with digital content, for an augmented reality (AR) make-up try-on experience.

How does it work? The Magic Mirror includes a connected shelf featuring the Bourjois Rouge Velvet Lipstick collection. When a consumer stands in front of the Magic Mirror and picks up a lipstick, the chosen colour instantly appears on lips of the consumer's image in the mirror, enabling them to see whether the shade suits them. They can then tailor their look completely with onscreen eye make-up and blush matched to their individual skin tone. The consumer can then either print the image instore, or email it to themselves, with links to purchase the items on the Bourjois e-commerce site.

As well as solving the problem of hygiene concerns when it comes to trying on make-up instore, the Magic Mirror also meets the needs of 72% of consumers who, according to Coty, want an in-store beauty experience to consist of a mixture of both physical and digital elements to make it feel more 'real' and 'believable'.

Elodie Levy, Coty Global Digital Innovation Senior Director, says:

“As part of our desire to reinvent the retail experience through purposeful and personalised innovation, the Bourjois Magic Mirror represents the most extensive integration of physical products and digital content in the beauty industry. Most women intuitively prefer to play with a lipstick rather than touch a screen, as there is an inherent sensual aspect in cosmetics packaging that no technology can replace, and our new Magic Mirror provides this desired experience to shoppers.”

Coty worked in collaboration with creative innovation studio Holition and in-store retail marketing platform PERCH to develop the Magic Mirror.

Jonathan Chippindale, CEO of Holition, says:

“Approaching this collaboration research first, design second and technology third, we've partnered with Coty to create the next generation of the Magic Mirror, blending consumer insight and strategic UX to facilitate a bespoke, personalised experience.”

Trevor Sumner, CEO of PERCH Interactive, adds:

"The next generation of in-store marketing is about blending digital experiences naturally into the shopper journey. The Bourjois Magic Mirror uses computer vision to sense the most important indication of interest in physical retail – when a shopper touches a product – unlocking an experience that encourages natural pathways of discovery, education and engagement.”