Summer sales of glitter cosmetics up 321%!

It seems it's not just the sun that's got a never-ending shine this summer – sales of glitter cosmetics are up a whopping 321% compared to the same period last year.

Research carried out by IRI Retail Advantage shows that during the four week period 25th June to 21st July 2018, glitter cosmetic sales in the UK topped £300,000, with more than 60,000 more glitter products sold this year.

The most popular products include face glitter, which contributed to more than half (51%) of the growth of glitter sales this year, valued at £126,000. Sales of glitter eyeshadow contributed to £138,000 in sales. However, sales of glitter nail products have fallen 5% since last year.

It is thought that the increase in sales is due to party lovers, festival goers and ITV's Love Island.

glitter eyeshadow
Glitter eyeshadow contributed £138,000 in overall glitter cosmetics sales.
Kaajal Bhatti, Senior Insights Manager at IRI, says:

“We are seeing something of a revival in glitter from the glam rock days and discos of the ‘70s and ‘80s, but with a new twist. The glitter craze we are seeing this season really kicked off last year when the Love Island contestants had a glitter party. Last year's glitter cleavage trend has turned into this year's glitter craze with no body part untouched, including glitter lips, eyes, brows and even tongues! It seems that viewers are rushing out to copy the sparkly antics of Georgia, Megan and Samira.”

She adds:

“It may seem like glitter is everywhere right now, but I suspect there is more to come during the summer. It's a perfect storm of school holidays, hot sunny weather and lots of outdoor events – whether that's a big festival or a party in your back garden – and glitter will add that extra sparkle. Retailers and manufacturers are recognising the opportunities, with both brands and private label capitalising on the trend and developing interesting new products like glitter glue and even glitter body gels.” 

Love Island
IRI attribute the increase in sales is due to party lovers, festival goers and ITV's Love Island. Image courtesy ITV2.
IRI do, however, offer a note of caution, with current concerns over glitter produced from micro-plastic. Kaajal Bhatti comments:

“Although glitter is a bit of fun, we have to consider that it is a micro-plastic and similar to plastic microbeads having a detrimental impact on our environment. Manufacturers are beginning to respond and there is already a cosmetics brand that has launched a biodegradable glitter. We expect more to follow suit with other environmentally-friendly products trending across retailers in the future.”