Salon System introduce Wax Squad 2019

Salon System has revealed its Wax Squad for 2019, a team of beauty industry experts recognised for their waxing expertise. 

The Wax Squad aims to help waxing professionals and students feel confident about their waxing choices, and will bust myths, highlight hero products and salon trends, and emphasise the importance of training. 

Salon System's Wax Squad 2019 includes:

Lisa Stone Salon System Wax Squad
Lisa Stone
Lisa has been a Salon System Expert and Freelance Beauty Educator for the past 14 years, as well as a qualified beauty therapist and teacher. She also writes for various trade beauty magazines and websites.

Andy Rouillard Salon System Wax Squad
Andy Rouillard
Andy is a Male Waxing Specialist and award-winning therapist and qualified teacher, traveling across the globe. Andy has collaborated with Salon System on the Just Wax Expert wax range.

Anjula Thakrar Salon System Wax Squad
Anjula Thakrar
Anjula has been a Salon System Educator for eight years, and has worked in the industry since 1990, first as a Makeup Artist, later specialising in Indian bridal make-up.

Alex Dawes Salon System Wax Squad
Alex Dawes
Alex is Salon System Educator and a qualified Beauty Therapist with 13 years' experience, having worked with brand such as Dermalogica, Elemis, Jessica, and Skin Base. She has been teaching for two years, as well as providing treatments from home.

Abbie Withers Salon System Wax Squad
Abbie Withers
Abbie is a Salon System Educator who has worked for Training Solutions since 2018, being qualified in beauty and teaching. 

Cara Neumann Salon System Wax Squad
Cara Neumann
Cara is a Salon System Educator who has worked in the beauty industry for 23 years, teaching for over 12 years stating waxing as one of her favourite treatments to perform.

Salon System waxing products are available from wholesalers nationwide.