Skin rejuvenation with far-infrared light waves

A new skin rejuvenation facial device has been launched utilising the super-material, Graphene.

Graphene, a high-tech carbon nanomaterial, is the thinnest two-dimensional structure known. It has optical, mechanical and electrical properties with the ability to release far-infrared light waves when heated. It emits a light wave of 5~15μm, which is consistent with the body's far-infrared waveband. When used as a beauty treatment, light waves go deep into the skin layer, producing effective ‘resonance' with the water molecules of skin and detoxifying it, activating skin cells, promoting facial micro-circulation, and injecting new energy into cells.

The Rossui Air Face harnesses the power of Graphene in a lightweight, transparent device with five levels of intensity which can be worn anywhere and works without interfering with daily activities. It is only 0.3mm thick and weighs just 60 grams, making it comfortable, painless, effortless to use. It is powered by a mobile power supply.

The treatment lifts and firms, brightens and cleanses to eliminate fine pores, smooths fine lines, hydrates and detoxifies skin using invisible infrared light. 

Developed by San Francisco-based Rossui, the Air Face is being funded via crowdfunding site Indiegogo.