Q&Lu Spa Essentials revealed by Light Elegance

Light Elegance has launched its first all-natural spa line of products for nail pros, Q&Lu Spa Essentials, a collection of products formulated without any artificial fragrances or dyes.

The Q&Lu spa line features indulgent, nutrient-rich products including a Bamboo-infused lotion and exfoliating scrub, sea-salt soak and tension-relieving spa oil. Products have been created to nourish and hydrate hands and feet, and feature ingredients such as Lavender, Basil and Tea Tree oils. 

Lezlie McConnell, Light Elegance co-owner, says:

“In our tireless pursuit of providing everything the nail professional needs for success, Q&Lu Spa Essentials allow pros to perform full spa manicure and pedicure services, using products of the best quality and chemistry. The fact that were able to formulate each product using all-natural ingredients is amazing and makes Q&Lu truly unique in the professional market.”   

Products can be used in the salon for a complete manicure or pedicure treatment, and also retailed for clients to maintain results at home.

Light Elegance products are available from Sweet Squared