Personal diets & probiotic skincare key 2019 trends

Total Wellbeing has been highlighted as a new trend to shape the global consumer landscape creating further demand for personalised diets and probiotic skincare.

Worldwide market intelligence agency Mintel believes that in 2019 and beyond, consumers will be treating their bodies like an ecosystem and therefore looking for solutions to complement their personal health.

Simon Moriarty, Director of Trends EMEA (Europe, the Middle East and Africa) at Mintel, comments:

“In 2019 and beyond, growing consumer curiosity with the microbiome shows no signs of abating. From gut-friendly fermented foods to probiotic skincare, consumers will demand products that balance and boost the natural bacteria found in and on the body. 
“Consumers are looking externally to their surroundings and internally towards their physical and mental wellbeing, expecting holistic approaches to wellness that produce the same benefits. Across the globe consumers are increasingly seeking personalisation and in the UK, as many as 42% of Brits are interested in a personalised diet based on their genes/DNA.

"Developments in health monitoring, such as skin sensors or ingestible capsules, will satisfy consumers' demand for this personalised approach, while also building on scientific research in these emerging fields.”