Only 26% of UK women feel body confident

Women in Newcastle are the least likely to be body conscious, with 60% of those surveyed stating they are more than happy and confident in the way they look and feel.

However, the study of 2,000 females across the UK, showed that as a country as a whole, only 26% of women are truly happy with their bodies, with only 25% saying they would be happy on a beach with no sarong to cover themselves.

The top 10 cities for female body confidence include Newcastle (60%), Brighton (57%), Sheffield (56%), Cambridge (55%), Oxford (55%), Norwich (54%), Leeds (54%), Leicester (53%), Cardiff (51%), and Birmingham (47%).

According to the study the average woman suffers from six body hang-ups, with the stomach the area women are least happy with (58%). Over half (51%) stated that their weight was their main worry but stretch marks, acne, wide hips and varicose veins were also of concern, in addition to their skin being too pale, and having fat thighs, facial hair, and sun spots.

Marian Gual, Category Manager Personal Care at Veet, who conducted the research, says:

“Whilst it's great to see that those in Newcastle, Brighton and Sheffield are comfortable in their own skin, we feel that there is always room for improvement and want to help women across the UK take ownership and pride in their bodies. 

“Our study reveals that women who remove their body and facial hair feel more confident and comfortable in their own skin.”