Norvell’s Effect Self Tanning Mist tans & cares for skin

Norvell Effect Self Tanning MistGet clients glowing with Norvell's Effect Self Tanning Mist, ideal to retail ahead of the busy party season. 

The two-in-one self-tanning mist protects against dry, dull skin as well as blurring skin blemishes, whilst also delivering glowing tanned skin.

The mist delivers a professional-standard tan, with bronze-blend which counteracts orange hues, so that a natural-looking, deep bronzed colour is achieved. 

Skin is protected and cared for thanks to the tan's nourishing formulation of Cranberry extracts to combat free radicals, Vitamin C to stimulate collagen, Watermelon extract to reduce redness, Coconut extract to protect skin against harmful bacteria and treat acne breakouts, Vitamin E to block free radicals and reduce wrinkles, Tomato extract to revive skin's glow, Banana extract to repair and hydrate skin, and Aloe Barbandenis leaf to moisturise. 

For best results, exfoliate skin a day before tanning. On the face, apply Norvell's Effect Self Tanning Mist onto a cosmetic sponge and blend onto the face and into the hair line; the tan will develop over 24 hours and gradually fade over five to seven days.