Nimue launch SuperFluids for customised facials

Derma-cosmeceutical skincare experts, Nimue Skin Technology, have introduced a SuperFluid range of five new super concentrates to customise existing Nimue professional treatments. 

Designed to enable you to create bespoke treatments for each client, Nimue's SuperFluid's are compatible with all existing professional treatments, with each featuring a super concentrate of a specific active ingredient.

Using advanced chemical delivery, for which Nimue is renowned, each SuperFluid's variant has a unique, ultra-thin microcapsule to ensure penetration, even distribution and even absorption of the actives into the dermis. 

Victoria Sargeson, Nimue Brand Manager for UK distribution partner, Sweet Squared, says:

“As well as customising existing professional treatments to each and every client's skin classification, Nimue therapists can now treat a client's skin based on how it presents in that very moment in time. Perhaps they are treating a client with acne-prone, problematic skin that is unusually dry due to a change in season? With the SuperFluid concept, we're equipping therapists with products to treat both the overall skin concern as well as any temporary complaints – such as dryness, in this example. 

“This innovative product line allows for an element of ‘play' in therapy to deliver a tailor-made service, with the additional commercial benefit of being able to charge more for a treatment by incorporating Superfluids into current in-salon offerings.”

The Nimue SuperFluids range includes 

Nimue Retinol SuperFluid for the treatment of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots; Vitamin C SuperFluid (microencapsulated) to treat hyperpigmentation and dull complexions; Prebiotic SuperFluid for problematic and acne-prone skin; Transdermal NAD (Nicotinamide Adrenaline Dinucleotide) SuperFluid to treat dull skin with signs of wrinkles and sagging; and Cyanoacrylate SuperFluid (patented to Nimue) for the treatment of sensitised and inflamed skin.

Nimue's SuperFluid range is available now from Sweet Squared Ltd.