New for 2019: New Year beauty & hair launches

As we approach a New Year, we're inundated with some fabulous new launches that will be big in 2019. Here's our round-up of our favourites…

The anti-pollution skincare collection

URB by EverlineSpa

EverlineSpa are introducing URB, a new line of Anti-Pollution skincare including professional products and treatments along with home care retail items, ideal for salons located in more urban areas.

Formulations feature Hydropom, a patented ingredient which helps protect the skin from UV and pollution exposure, preventing harmful particles from penetrating the skin by increasing its natural defence system.

The URB by EverlineSpa range consists of Nourishing Cleansing Foam, Instant Delicate Enzimatic Toner, Multi Vitamin Milk Serum, Instant Anti-Pollution Drops and an Anti-Pollution Face Mask.

The epigenetic skincare duo

QMS Medicosmetics EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask

Professional skincare and treatment brand QMS Medicosmetics has revealed new EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask, formulated to revitalise tired looking skin overnight. 

A luxurious velvet-foam mask has been inspired by epigenetic science, which harnesses efficacious technology to help skin cells stay youthful and active for longer. Designed to bolster skin's natural resistance to stress, while providing intensive moisture and nourishment, the mask reveals a smoother, firmer, healthier appearance.

The EpiGen Pollution Rescue Overnight Mask is currently available in a limited edition duo pack, alongside EpiGen Daily Detox Serum for daytime protection. The serum addresses skin damage caused by pollutants, preventing and reducing fine lines and wrinkles and other visible signs of ageing.

The Bluetooth straightener

Glamoriser Smart StraightenerHair electrical brand Glamoriser has launched the world's first Bluetooth hair straightener, the Glamoriser Smart Straightener, which link the tool to an app on your phone via Bluetooth technology so you can control and personalise the styler.

Via the app, you answer questions about your hair type and routine, and the straightener will perform at the optimum styling temperature for your hair (80°C - 235°C), preventing damage. You can also create customised shut-off times so that you don't ever have to worry about leaving your straighteners on again!

The rehydrating cannabis serum

Murad Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum Murad is introducing Revitalixir™ Recovery Serum, which reduces dryness and dehydration, the appearance of wrinkles, and puffiness and dark circles around the eye area, and improves skin brightness. This is thanks to key ingredient Cannabis (Hemp Seed Oil), a vegan source of Omegas 3, 6 and 9 which soothe and nourish skin, relieve dryness and visibly minimise wrinkles. 

Oil-based spheres of Cannabis, Paracress extract and Hyaluronic acid are suspended in a reviving skin gel formulated from Wild Indigo, Neuropeptide, Caffeine and Niacinamide (vitamin B3). By separating the spheres and water-based gel, a more potent, concentrated formula of potent active ingredients has been achieved.

Paracress extract, a flowering herb, quickly smooths skin, improves firmness, and delivers a measurable, visible reduction in wrinkles after one use, whilst Wild Indigo quickly calms skin's stress signals. Caffeine combats the appearance of fatigue including under-eye puffiness, dullness and a loss of tone.

The on-trend salon wear look

Diamond Designs denim tunic

Diamond Designs have introduced new fabulous Denim-look and silver linen-look fabrics to their range of beauty and hair salon and spa uniforms. 

Four new styles include the Laura tunic with a back-button fastening, and the asymmetric Ellie tunic, with an unusual square neckline and draped front. 

Plus, Diamond Designs' ever-popular three-for-two offer continues into 2019.

The natural face lift

ESPA Natural Face Lift Facial

ESPA are introducing their latest treatment innovation, the Natural Face Lift Facial. The spa treatment incorporate detox by cleansing and steaming the skin, invigorating massage, sculpting massage to tone and tighten the skin, and relaxation.

The 80-minute professional treatment features stimulating Kobido-inspired massage techniques with shaped Jade rollers to increase energy flow; cleansing the lymphatic system also restores skin's radiance and creates a natural ‘face lift' effect. 

Treatments feature ESPA's Tri-Active™ Advanced ProBiome range, which comprises advanced microbiome technology to deliver stronger, resilient, naturally lifted skin.

The portable LED nail lamp

Gelish 18G Unplugged LED Light Gelish are launching the 18G Unplugged LED Light, a cordless light that still offers a reliable 18G cure on gel nail products with the convenience of a mobile tool.

The Gelish 18G Unplugged is fully loaded with the same features as Gelish's regular 18G Professional LED Light, including Comfort Cure, but features a LG Lithium battery making it ideal for mobile nail techs, or those who want to avoid messy and dangerous extension leads in the salon. Intelligent Power Assist™ ensures power levels stay consistent for the best possible Gelish cure.

The intelligent rehydrating cream

Katherine Daniels Rehydrating Cream British skincare brand Katherine Daniels is introducing Rehydrating Cream featuring Intellegent Aqua Bio Complex.

This complex stimulates the skin's water distribution channels, repairing the skin barrier and reducing water loss. A Turbo Moisturising Complex delivers rapid and advanced hydration, stimulating elastin production and preventing the breakdown of collagen. Flax Seed extract stimulates production of Hyaluronic acid, collagen and elastin, Rhodella Violeca Micro Algae oxygenates skin and HydraNov is three times for efficient than Hyaluronic acid at hydrating and restructuring the skin. Skin is left plumped, smooth, firmer and more radiant.

The handheld LED & electroporation device

Neo Elegance Lumipro The Neo Elegance Lumipro is an effective and multi-functional device which enables you to experience LED wavelengths and electrical stimulation at the touch of a button.

Electrical muscle stimulation tightens and tone muscles making them firmer, providing a lifting effect to the face.
The Lumipro also features Electroporation, a form of ‘no needle mesotherapy'. Pulses split open the skin cells and push products deeper into the skin.  After this, the device's  different LED wavelengths help to repair and regenerate the skin.   

The device is rechargeable and should be used for 10 to 20 minutes, twice a week.

The luxury pedi-spa chair

PJS-RELUX spa pedicure chair The PJS-RELUX spa pedicure chair enables you to offer clients a luxurious pedicure experience, all in one seat. Not only is the chair extremely comfortable, with two motors that adjust the inclination of the backrest and the back and forth slide movement of the seat, the chair includes a choice of massage settings: shiatsu, kneading, knocking and tapping on the back and neck area, and seat vibration. Clients are in control of their massage intensity through a handheld control.

The whirlpool foot-spa basin includes an extendable shower head, that offers spray and fill function, along with a whirlpool jet and a changing LED light. 

For added luxury, there's also reclining armrests, and a section of phones, drinks and manicure treatments.

The new brow brand

Sienna X Brows

Sienna X Brows is a new range from the company who brought us the Sienna X tan and professional waxing range.

Products include the Sienna X Brows Tint, in four shades, which deliver long-lasting and natural-looking colour. A full brow treatment can be offered using the brand's Brow Pencil and Fixing Serum to create and adjust brow definition with pencil strokes or shading, and then set brows' structure. The Sienna X Illuminator Duo dual pencil allows you to sculpt and contour the brow line, and define the arch of the brow. Pre- and post-treatment products are also available, including Sienna X Micellar Water. 

Turmeric root skincare

Priori Skincare TTC (Triple Turmeric Complex)

Priori Skincare, pioneers of the Adaptive Skincare concept, are launching TTC (Triple Turmeric Complex), a collection of all-natural skincare products formulated with an exclusive, highly potent natural compound of three kinds of colourless Turmeric root extracts. 
Combined with Green Tea, Grape Seed and Liquorice, this formulation has an antioxidant, brightening and anti-inflammatory result on the skin.

The TTC collection includes Naturally Enriched Cleanser, Tightening Eye Serum, Luxuriant Cream, Natural Enzyme Peel & Masque, Skin Restore Cream, and Illumination Treatment.

The reviving, anti-ageing hand cream

Vitage Revive & Repair Hand Cream Vitage Revive & Repair Hand Cream not only restores the skin's moisture barrier leaving hands feeling smoother, it also revives the appearance of skin reducing the appearance of age spots and fine lines and delivering an anti-ageing result.

Shea Butter, high in vitamins A, E and F, hydrate and repair, whilst promoting nail growth. Anti-oxidant-rich Mango Butter helps skin look brighter and tighter, whilst Baobab oil nourishes and soothes the nail structure, and Liquorice naturally lightens and evens out skin tone. Derived from Chamomile, Bisabolol conditions, soothes and calms irritated skin, and fractionated Apricot and Coconut oils leave skin hydrated, providing relief from dryness.

The relaxing body care collection 

Hempz Aromabody collection Hempz's new Aromabody collection not only feature's the brand's signature Hemp Seed oil but also relaxing Blueberry, Lavender and Chamomile, and Shea Butter. 

Blueberry Lavender & Chamomile Herbal Body Moisturiser replenishes skin's hydration, enriched with 100% natural Hemp Seed oil. 
For added indulgence, Herbal Day and Night Softening Body Silk, for the face and body, can be used daily for an extra boost of nourishment. It has a calming scent, and a lightweight formula which absorbs into the skin instantly.

The collection is completed with Herbal Relaxing Bath Salts for a perfectly indulgent, de-stressing soak. Lavender extract eases muscle pains and helps you get ready for a peaceful night's sleep.