Natural appearance is consumers’ top skin goal

Achieving a natural appearance is more important to skincare users than smooth texture or youthfulness, according to new research. 

Conducted by Lycored, the research, conducted across five countries, discovered that 77% of consumers considered “natural appearance” their most important skincare goal, ahead of smooth texture (76%), youthful appearance (64%), even complexion (61%) and reduced redness (37%). 

Zev Ziegler, Head of Global Brand and Marketing (Health) at Lycored, comments: 

“This research provides valuable insight into what consumers ultimately want when they buy a product for their skin. It also has implications for manufacturers sourcing ingredients, because a consumer who is focused on achieving a natural appearance is also likely to expect products to contain natural ingredients.”

The findings form Lycored's report, The Inner Light, investigating what the concept of ‘glow' means to consumers. The survey discovered that a healthy glow was important to 72% of consumers, and that they understood the concept in holistic terms, that is as a quality with emotional and mental elements as well as physical ones.

One in five (22%) respondents said a healthy glow was most likely to come from within, with 15% stating  that it is most likely to come from external factors, such as applying a skincare product. However, the majority (64%) said a glow is most likely to come from a combination of both “within” and “external” factors.