Micropigmentation cleansing & balm range launches

Balm Micro has launched into the UK through Finishing Touches Group, offering the first range of cleansing and balm treatments formulated especially for micropigmentation procedures.

The products, for professional and at-home use, are designed to be used post-micropigmentation treatment, when the skin is sensitive to the environment and should be protected against dehydration and UV light. Balm Micro products are manufactured by Deblab Care labs, and feature natural ingredients, are vegan and are not tested on animals.

There are six products in the Balm Micro range for micropigmentation technicians to use and recommend to clients.

Two professional products include Dragon's Blood Foam and Dragon's Blood Butter. Dragon's Blood Foam is used in place of sterile saline solution during procedures to wipe away excess pigment. The synthetic detergent foam stops bleeding and helps to seal the pores holding the newly applied pigments. The product is soap-free with a pH of 5.5. 
Dragon's Blood Foam is a synthetic detergent foam which stops bleeding and helps to seal the pores holding the newly applied pigments.
Post-treatment, Dragon's Blood Butter should be applied to the treated area to aid healing and reduce inflammation and redness. Ecocert Dragon's Blood – a red plant resin – promotes the formation of collagen and also delivers antioxidant and regenerative properties. The product is also a coagulant and astringent, stopping bleeding to assist the pores retain pigment.

For use at home, Balm Micro Eyebrow has been created to aid healing and hydrate the eye and brow area, whilst Balm Micro Lip keeps colours vivid after lip procedures. Balm Micro Cleansing Foam is designed for cleansing sensitive skin after any micropigmentation treatment, whilst Balm Micro Sun 50+ is for use on any tattooed or micropigmented area that will be exposure to sunlight. Not only does this product moisturise and promote skin regeneration, it helps to keep colours vivid and prevents fading.

Balm Micro products are available in the UK from the Finishing Touches Group.