Llio to offer calming live meditation sessions

Spiritual crystal healing oil brand, Llio, is hosting online live meditations to help us feel calm during this uncertain time.

“During past plagues, influencers and wars, our spirituality and mystical practice of crystal healing may offer some comfort to people with anxiety at this time!” say the Llio team. “People are looking for calm and comfort, we should also be looking to plants to help us through this.”

Llio offer a range of crystal-infused oils and essential oils, known as Crystoils. For example, Magic Centre Crystoil contains deep rooted plant essential oils of Vetitiver and Vanilla which are calming. “They can bring you back to feel more grounded, centered and think more clearly when your head may be spinning from everything happening right now!” say the brand.

Live meditations with guests will be taking place on the Llio Instagram channel, @llio.love.