LCN launch salon-sized YouthPRO serums

LCN's YouthPRO Gel Concentrates, for use during Microneedling and electrical facial treatments, are now available in 300ml salon sized pump dispensers.

There are three serums to choose from, which come in a YouthPRO ingredients bar as well as individually.

YouthPRO Hyaluronic / Gatuline Concentrate effectively provides stabilisation and preservation of the skin's hydration. A Phyto extract derived from the Para-cress plant, Gatuline has a natural lifting effect on the skin, whilst Spilanthol, a muscle relaxant, works to reduce visible facial expression lines. After use, skin appears to be fuller with added firmness and elasticity. 

YouthPRO Body Shaping Concentrate has been specially developed for the treatment of cellulite. Hyaluronic acid maintains and stabilises skin's resistance, resilience and elasticity, whilst Glausin breaks down fatty deposits in the skin and reduces sagging. It also promotes skin cells' metabolism, making the connective tissue within the skin more resilient. 

YouthPRO Liposom Gel Concentrate prepares skin for the introduction of active ingredients whilst also tightening the skin. Hyaluronic acid is combined with antioxidants including vitamin E, which helps the skin's defence against free radicals and increases the skin's moisture content.

The YouthPRO ingredients bar allow you to keep all your concentrates together and features ceramic jars for enhanced hygiene.

LCN's YouthPRO Concentrates are available in the UK from Beauty Concepts International.