Kiss introduce Lash 101 for beginners

We've all struggled with applying false lashes ourselves at home, especially if we're in a rush, so with this mind, Kiss Lashes have introduced the True Beginner's Kit Lash 101.

The kit includes one pair of natural style Kiss Lashes, a pair of dainty mini scissors, lash adhesive, a lash measuring tool, a lash application tool, and an on-the-go mirror.

Even better, the brand has put together this handy how-to guide!

  1. Find your eye size using the measuring tool markers and customise your lash fit.
  2. Trim lashes at the noted marking point on the measuring tool.
  3. Apply the Kiss Strip Lash Adhesive along the band of the lashes. Remember to gently pinch the lash band onto the natural lash line to further increase wear time.
  4. Apply the lashes to the natural lash line of the eye using the Easy-Angle Applicator Tool. Looking downward into a mirror can help your vision whilst applying lashes. Plus, Flexing the false lash band into a U shape enables the lash to sit more naturally onto the eye.

The Kiss brand has a host of famous fans, including Blake Lively, who reportedly wore custom-made Kiss chrome nails embellished with Swarovski crystals created by Elle Gerstein, and Cardi B who sported Kiss Lash Couture Triple Push Up Lashes, both at this year's Met Gala.

Kiss Lashes True Beginner's Kit Lash 101 is available in the UK from Ocado and