Hair removal: Key tips to effective summer waxing

Salon Systems’ wax expert Lisa Stone shares her key tips to performing the most effective waxing treatments.

Lisa Stone Just WaxWaxing is a huge treatment for salons in the summer, and to ensure repeat custom you need to make sure your treatments are not only effective at removing hair, but that results last and clients have the most pleasant experience possible.

1. Ensure you prep correctly
Skin can become a little drier in the summer so encourage your clients to exfoliate 24 hours before waxing paying attention to knees, toes and elbows. This will help wax application and removal but also help to reduce ingrown hairs too.

Be very observant for any erythema on the skin, any sign of sunburn or evidence that the client has been sat in sun. These areas MUST be avoided due to the risk of burning and heat reaction.

Hot clammy sweaty skin is something you may have to deal with in the summer. Well-prepared skin is essential for a successful comfortable wax. You need products that will cool and calm the skin.

2. Select the perfect Summer Wax
Summer can cause a very hot treatment room and if you're not lucky enough to work in an air-conditioned room this can be a nightmare. Some waxes don't work well in heat and take forever to dry and make removal difficult, so find a fast setting hot wax.

Lisa Stone Just Wax Speed Waxing
Some waxes don't work well in heat and take forever to dry and make removal difficult, so find a fast setting hot wax.
3. After care advise is vital
After care is so important when it comes to waxing anytime of the year, but never more so in the summer. We all know clients can't wait to show off their smooth hair free bodies and get out into the sunshine, but you must stress to clients that they MUST keep freshly waxed areas completed covered for 24 hours after waxing to avoid heat reaction and unnecessary sensitivity.

Remember that a hat will shade eyebrows from the sun, whilst loose light airy clothing to cover legs and arms, will protect when walking around.

NEVER sit out and sunbath after waxing for 24 hours, so advise clients who are booking before their holidays they need a good 48 hours between their appointment and their holiday to allow skin to calm and recover before they hit the sun and pool.

Swimming needs to be avoided for 24 hours after waxing.

Lisa Stone is a Salon System educator specialising in hair removal, and a beauty educator for Training Solutions.