Hive introduce male facial salon waxing kit

Innovators of waxing, Hive have launched a Men's Grooming Kit.

Created to tame clients' unruly facial hair, it can be used to wax, sculpt and shape eyebrows and beards to rugged perfection, and enable salons to market facial waxing services direct to male clients.

The kit includes Hive's Sensitive Hot Film Wax Discs, a pliable hot film wax with a low allergy formulation making it ideal for use on the face. It delivers excellent grip on strong, stubborn hair, so its effective on tough brow and beard hairs. Plasticides maintain the wax's flexibility and aid removal, causing less discomfort. 

In addition, the Hive Men's Grooming Kit includes a neös 200cc Compact Wax Heater, Pre Wax Cleansing Lotion, After Wax Treatment Lotion, Mini Disposable Wooden Spatulas, and a pair of Angled Tweezers.