Hive introduce Gelee waxing in time for summer

Hive® Coconut & Lime Gelee Wax Hive® have launched their first ever Gelee Wax. Hive Coconut & Lime Gelee Wax has been specially designed for hair removal on sensitive skin types.

This luxuriously thick formulation is applied easily and economically to the treatment area in a similar way to stripless wax, ensuring smooth coverage. Therapists can then remove the wax, and hair, using the strip of their choice without leaving wax residue on the skin. 

The high performance Gelee formulation has been developed rosin-free so that it is suitable for sensitive skin. Clients will experience less erythema (redness of the skin) because the wax is so gentle.

Hive®'s Coconut & Lime Gelee Wax is paraben-free, and combines the natural moisturising and cleansing benefits of Coconut Oil with invigorating Kaffir Lime.

Hive Gelee Wax is available from all good wholesalers