Guinot's guide to sensational summer skin

If the heatwave is tempting you to bare all but you're not happy with a jiggly bum or wobbly tummy, or your skin just feels too dry to expose, skincare experts Guinot have two products right up your street: Guinot Sculpt Expert and Guinot Hydrazone Corps.
Guinot Sculpt Expert

Over time, the skin's dermal structure becomes damaged by enzymes which can cause a loss of firmness and slackening of the skin.

With this in mind, Guinot's Sculpt Expert helps to repair skin tissue structure and give problem areas an added lift.

Key ingredients in Guinot's Sculpt Expert include Hydroxyproline, which boosts the syntheses of collagen, and Brown Seaweed which prevents the deterioration of collagen and elastin fibres. As a result, the skin appears smoother and firmer.

For dry skin that has lost its softness, suppleness and glow this summer, Guinot's Hydrazone Corps provides daily comfort through its essential fatty acids from Shea Butter.

The formulation also includes Guinot's Hydrocyte complex and Pentavitine, a complex of wheat sugars that have the property of being able to retain water, to provide intense, long-lasting skin hydration.

To help your skin retain as much moisture as possible during the heatwave, Guinot also suggest you:
  • Drink at least one litre of water daily to moisturise your skin from within.
  • Use a shower gel like Guinot Mousse de Coton that combats the roughening effects of hard water.
  • Scrub your body once or twice a week using Guinot Gommage Facile to remove dead skin cells and help moisturisers penetrate the skin better.
  • Use Guinot Nutrizone Corps on areas where your body skin is especially dry.
Guinot products are available in the UK from selected salons.