Guinot introduce anti-ageing sun care range

Skincare experts Guinot are introducing new Sun Logic, a range of skincare products which not only offer premium sun protection taking into account UV duration and skin phototypes but also compensate for skin's age deficiencies.

As well a photo-ageing, Sun Logic also protects against the harmful effects of blue light exposure which causes DNA damage and accelerates the ageing process. Blue light, also known as high-energy visible light (HEV light), is emitted from natural light sources as well and artificial sources of light such as screens and electronic appliances.

Key ingredients within Guinot's Sun Logic collection include Melanin and Lutein which reproduce the skin's natural defence mechanism when exposed to the sun by offering additional protection against UV rays and blue light. Sun filters provide wider protection against UVA and UVB rays, offering high and very high sun protection. Synthetic DNA molecules composed of amino acids create a protective barrier on the skin, which UV targets rather than epidermal DNA. Elastoprotectin prevents elastic fibres from becoming rigid, helping to restore balance between the different constituents of elastic fibres adversely affected by exposure to UVA rays, and provides protection to prevent skin slackening and the formation of wrinkles.

Sun Logic also features Guinot's Cellular Life Complex, consisting of 56 ingredients used to reconstruct the skin. The complex brings about an even tan by helping to prevent the appearance of signs of premature ageing and dark spots.

The Sun Logic collection comprises of:

  • Age Sun Summum Anti-Ageing Sun Cream Face SPF50+
  • Age Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Cream Eyes SPF50+
  • Age Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Cream Face SPF50
  • Age Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Dry Oil Body SPF50
  • Age Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Cream Face SPF30
  • Uni Bronze Anti-Ageing Tinted Sun Cream Face SPF20
  • Age Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Mist Body SPF30
  • Age Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Lotion Body SPF20
  • Pro Sun Anti-Ageing Sun Capsules
  • Longue Vie Soleil Youth Cream Before and After Sun Face
  • Longue Vie Soleil Youth Lotion After Sun Body
  • Auto Bronze Self-Tanner Face Gel
  • Auto Bronze Self-Tanner Body Lotion
As well as the comprehensive collection of home-use products, Guinot have introduce three salon treatments: Sun Logic Preparation Treatment – Face (Pre-Sun), and Sun Logic Repair Treatment – Face (After-Sun), and Sun Logic Self Tanning Treatment – Body, including body exfoliation.

Guinot's Sun Logic collection launches in the UK on 21st May, and is available from Guinot salons and spas, and online at