Grow by Hair Gain hold London launch event

The launch of Grow by Hair Gain was held in London recently, showcasing the benefits of this new hair supplement.

Using the power of AnaGain derived from Pea shoots, Grow by Hair Gain creates visibly thicker and stronger hair from the inside out, with supplements also featuring Zinc and Biotin. AnaGain stimulates Noggin molecules and Fibroblast growth factor-7 within the dermal papilla cells to kick-start hair growth. 

There are 8 million women suffering from hair loss in the UK, with one of the biggest contributors being post-partum alopecia, affecting over 30,000 each year. Other factors also include a diet lacking vitamins, iron and Biotin, as well as stress and anxiety and hormones.

In addition to being recommended for clients experiencing hair loss, Grow by Hair Gain can also be used to maintain healthy hair, keeping it strong and nourished.

Grow by Hair Gain was developed by Hair Gan Founder, Lucy Palmer, after her own hair loss experiences. She comments: 

“Not long after having my first baby I noticed I was losing a lot of hair and had noticeably thinner patches. It really knocked my confidence at a critical time when I should be just enjoying the new phase in my life.

“Having worked in the pharmaceutical industry for many years I couldn't believe the difference using AnaGain made to overcoming this issue. I realised there was a real need for this product in the market and I've not been alone in seeing these amazing benefits. Since launch we've seen the most incredible stories and changes to people's hair growth. We are really excited by it's potential.”

Grow by Hair Gain is available to salons and spas through Gerrard International.