Gelish beat nail curing heat spikes

If you're a nail tech who's a fan of Gelish gel polish, you'll love the new function to the brand's LED 18G Plus curing lamp. Gelish have added a new Comfort Cure™ feature, which builds LED power over the course of 60 seconds, making curing a more comfortable experience for clients with sensitive nails.

When some clients experience a tingling sensation during product curing it's known as a heat spike, however you can prevent this by curing the gel with regulated, high efficiency LED over 60 seconds; this also saves power. Comfort Cure™ also optimises the light for flawless curing with Gelish PolyGEL® white applications.

Danny Haile, CEO and Founder of Gelish® says:

“You client's comfort during every service is key! The new setting ensures maximum ease for the client and also makes a PolyGEL® application more efficient with the added 60-second setting.”

The lamp also features patented Safelight™ Technology with an eyeShield™ to reduce light exposure, and an illuminated comfort pad. You can also cure five fingers in one go, and it's also suitable for pedicures.

It also cures traditional gel four times faster than traditional UV light.

The Gelish LED 18G Plus is available in the UK from Nail Harmony UK.