French bobs, fringes, braids - 2019's hair styling trends revealed

Now we're in 2019, it's time to focus on the hair styles and cutting techniques that will be big in the new year. BeautyandHairdressing caught up with some of the UK's leading hair experts to see what they predict we'll all be asking for on our next salon visit…think French girl bobs, fringes, braiding, ponytails and the return of the Shag!

Jay Birmingham, Celebrity Stylist and Owner of Jay Birmingham Hair 

Jay Birmingham 2019 hair trends

“Length is going to be on trend for 2019, unimaginably long hair that pushes boundaries is set to be at the forefront of hair. Extensions will be key this year for both length and also for adding plush thickness to hair to give that full, plump effect. 

“In terms of styling I think the path of naturally textured hair will continue throughout 2019. We are moving away from super straight, ironed out hair and moving towards embracing your natural curls and kinks whilst still playing around with that cool girl LA inspired wave with crisp straight ends for a modern finish.”

Ross Charles, Owner of Ross Charles Hairdressing 

Ross Charles mens hair trends 2019

“Men's hair has undergone a bit of an evolution process during the latter end of 2018 and in 2019 we can expect so see styles that skim through the 60s, 70s and 80s but with a modern-day edge. Hair will be stronger and mostly mid-length but working with lots of movement and strong shapes. A return in longer length can definitely be expected and this contrasted against the traditional fade is a look that was touched upon during 2018 but 2019 will see this style in the spotlight. 

“Longer lengths with slightly disconnected pieces to encourage texture and movement are another look to take note of for 2019. The epitome of 70's style, the shag is an iconic symbol of this decade that transfers well into 2019. The laidback, deliberately messy vibe of this look really interests me and the use of layering and varied styling is a perfect pairing. For this style, the cut is key. Layers are required to frame the face and allow that ‘shaggy' texture. As you are cutting the hair it is important to envisage the end result and imagine how you/the client will go on to style this as the distribution of balance is key. Low maintenance and effortlessly understated this look is easy to keep up with and requires little maintenance.

“Texture and that ‘undone' look are also set to be popular during 2019.  Add texture with products like sea salt and thermal styling for longer hair. For shorter lengths, use a clay wax to add a textured edge to your style. Clays and wax will help you get inside the hair and create innovative shapes with defined texture for an on trend look.

“In summary, work with your hairs natural texture and pattern and enhance what you have.”

Victoria Gifford, Creative Director at SESH Hairdressing 

Victoria Gifford 2019 hair trends

“2019 will see more braiding as this look will remain very much on trend throughout the year, especially during the first half of 2019. We are seeing a shift in how experimental we are with our hair and braiding is no exception, we are moving away from the classic French plait and embracing new cool techniques. 

“Expensive looking hair that is well groomed and maintained in excellent condition will run as a theme throughout the year. Healthy, shiny hair is super on trend.”

Karen Thomson, Owner of KAM Hair and Body Spa and Scottish Hairdresser of the Year

Karen Thomson  KAM Hair and Body Spa 2019 hair trends

“The French girl bob is one of my favourite hairstyles this year, a one-length bob that hits between the cheekbone and jawline and has an angular and choppier finish to give the hair more dimension. This hairstyle works particular well teamed with a heavy fringe for an effortlessly chic finish.  

“Bowl cuts are also to take over this year and have become more modernised, where the hair looks very ‘piecey' and almost like it has been cut into a pixie crop. They key to this hairstyle is lots of short layers for texture and that cool-girl finish. 

Karen Thomson  KAM Hair and Body Spa 2019 hair trends

“For hairstyles, power ponytails have taken over the runways recently and there are styles to suit anyone, whether your client prefers their ponytail high or low at the nape of the neck, super sleek or textured and effortless. A ponytail looks chic and elegant and I particularly like to style the hair into loose waves prior to creating the ponytail to give it a more romantic look. The ribbon is one of the most on trend hair accessories just now and works perfectly with this look to secure the ponytail together. The pixie pony is also fantastic for those with shorter hair and looks great day to night for any occasion.

“Shine is also popular in hairstyles for SS19, where super sleek, clean hair looks will be huge with lots of mirror like shine teamed with hard centre partings.”

Carly Price, Muse of London

“For 2019 it's all about effortless, messy hair. Messy textured hair looks great with all hair lengths and types, however I particularly like this look teamed with a shoulder length cut. This look is easy for clients to achieve by simply sleeping in braids overnight or by using texturising sprays such as salt sprays to mess the hair up. 

“I also love using hot irons to create soft ‘undone' waves in client's hair to give the hair a romantic finish. 

“Choppy, heavy mid length cuts and bobs I predict will also be popular this year that give the hair dimension and weight for a sexy, structured finish. These hairstyles are perfect for those with thin hair to give the hair body and volume.

“Fringes that were popular in 2018 remain for 2019; however, we will start to see people experimenting with longer fringe hairstyles. Longer fringes are great as they frame the face, add shape to the hair and do not require as much styling as a regular short fringe would.”

Schwarzkopf UK Ambassadors Suzie McGill, Owner of Rainbow Room International Uddingston salon, & Dylan Brittain, Owner of Rainbow Room International George Square salon.

Rainbow Room International 2019 hair trends

“Blunt bobs are extremely popular coming into 2019 and we will see a lot more sharper, blunter finished bobs without texture and layers. These bobs look great when cut just above the shoulder between the nape of the neck and the ears and when worn super sleek and straight. 

“As well as blunt bobs, super cropped and pixie cuts have been becoming more and more popular in the salon, which are always edgy, sexy and cool and are so easy to manage. These styles look great with the messy hair trend, which is also popular at the moment. However, I think the main reason these cuts are becoming more on trend is because the style is so versatile and can suit any hair type. For those always on the go this style is perfect, as it requires little styling to look trendy! 

“Braids are also set to be big this year with micro braids being showcased on many of the SS19 shows, giving the hair a quirky vibe. Micro braids are look so effective when placed in the parting of the hair or at the side of the hair to give any hair look some added edge. 

“Hair accessories are also on trend again this year. From large statement pieces to delicate clips and ribbons. These pieces are ideal to give extra charisma to client's locks no matter what the occasion or hairstyle.  Ribbons have been spotted on many of the runways recently and these romantic accents add softness and femininity to any hairstyle and are the perfect way to take a ponytail to a super stylish level. Think soft, chunky fabric bows and loose ribbons to make the hair look ultra-flirty.  Headbands and wraps are also super on trend this season. These accessories add some urban cool to any look. Anything goes from monochromatic and gypsy prints to printed turbans and is prefect for wash and go hair, curls or super straight hairstyles.”

Neil Barton, Goldwell Ambassador and Owner of Neil Barton 

Neil Barton hair trends 2019

“For 2019 it's all about edgy crops and cool girl bobs! Super stylish haircuts that can be tailored to all face shapes. Bobs are one of my favourite haircuts for the season, whether they are effortless and texturised, giving them a very undone finish, or straight, smooth and super blunt with a sleek finish.

“Always ask your hairdresser for the best bob length and style to suit you, your lifestyle and your face shape. Edgy crops are also another on trend hair cut for 2019 and are great for clients who wanted to accentuate their features and allow your cheekbones to really pop! These are such cool hairstyles and are easy to manage – simply add some texturising or salt spray to your hair and you're good to go. Heart shaped faces will suit most style of crops, however, rounder face shapes may require a crop with more volume on top and that is slightly longer in length.  

“For those with longer hair, super long locks are also in for 2019. Be sure to use regular conditioning products and treatment masks to keep your hair in the best condition and get regular trims to allow your hair to grow, avoiding split ends. The ‘70s Shag is also making a comeback for 2019 and is great for clients who love a heavily layered look that's full of volume! 

“For hairstyles, 2019 is all about the updo! Think sleek topknots, messy buns and high ponytails, hairstyles that get all your hair out your face, are easy to create yet look fabulous. When creating a topknot or high ponytail, always have a serum or oil on hand for once you have created the look to smooth over the top of the hair, allowing the hair to have a more sleek finish and be free from flyaway and frizz. For a messy bun, always use dry shampoo in the hair prior to styling, to give your hair hold, texture and volume and once you have created your messy bun, pull out some pieces of hair around your face to help frame the face and give your hairstyle a more romantic and soft finish.”