FTG Nano NT Needle for precise SPMU strokes

Micropigmentation specialists the Finishing Touches Group have been announced as the exclusive UK distributor for the Nano NT Needle.

The Nano NT Needle guarantees stable precision with every stroke and joins the Nano 1 and Nano 2 needles launched by Finishing Touches Group in 2016. The Nano family of needles enable micropigmentation technicians to complete crisp, precise and thin hair strokes when carrying out treatments on eyebrows, eyeliner and lips.

The Nano NT Needle is 0.25 in size and has an innovative tubular design at the tip of the cartridge, which ensures high precision needle guidance and greater stability. In addition, superior pigment flow can be achieved on every skin type. What's more, pigment can be placed into the Nano NT Needle cartridge which negates the need to dip the needle into pigment.

The Nano NT Needle is available in the UK from the Finishing Touches Group.